Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, NSW

The family and I recently went for a trip to Dubbo Zoo. We stayed in one of the ‘Savanah Cabins’ near the giraffe enclosure. Apparently you could see them in the distance, but my eyesight isn’t up to seeing things that far away ATM, so a mental image had to suffice. It wasn’t my usual […]

Lake Marian, NZ

This panorama of Lake Marian in the Fiordlands of New Zealand has been a long time coming. This edit was a composite of 50 individual photos. I did the whole trip without a wide angle lens, so I’ve become very familiar with composites, but still. This scene was just so massive, and so the edit […]

Milford Sound, NZ

There’s a reason why Milford Sound makes it onto virtually every travel itinerary of people visiting New Zealand. This place is stunning, and was definitely the highlight of our trip back at the start of 2018. Here are just a few of the photos I got from our visit. My hard drive is still full […]

Snowy Pines, NSW

The Snowy Pines walk is at the edge of NSW, close to the Snowy Mountains and Mt Kosciusko. This place was what made up my mind to visit this region. I desperately wanted to photograph this place, and for good reason. As soon as you step beneath the shade of these awesome trees, your jaw […]

Beach life (and a bit of rehab)

These photos were taken at Dixon beach (at sunset) and Merewether beach (at sunrise). Luckily, where I’m currently staying for rehabilitation is right on the beach in Newcastle, so I’ve got quite the view to take in. The trick to free, beach side accommodation in central Newcastle? A nice big brain tumour.

Tumut Dam

This photo was an adventure, and a highlight for me as a photographer. Back before I got sick, we spent the night camping at Tumut Dam on the way home from an epic, and very cold, trip to Bago State Forest and the Snowy Mountains, for my 21st birthday. For this photo, I got up […]