Hi there. My name is Azzy Cosgrove, and I’m 21 years old. In September, 2018, I found out that I had a brain tumour. It was, thankfully, ‘just’ a Grade 1, benign, tumour filling up the 4th ventricle of my brain, and increasing the pressure in my skull. Finally, I had an explanation for the crippling migraines that had seen me bedridden and unable to hold down food or water for days at a time over the past six months. The pressure in my skull was damaging my optic nerves, which left me with double vision that landed me in the ER and still plagues me today. I was thankful that it was ‘just’ a benign tumour, but what should have been a relatively simple surgery, went terribly wrong. I suffered a haematoma during surgery, and it has been quite a journey since. I almost died. Three weeks in the ICU, followed by three weeks in the neural ward, and months and months of in-patient rehab. I had to learn to breathe, talk, and eat all over again. I still can’t walk on my own. I have a scar from having a tube inserted into my throat to allow me to breathe. My voice has been permanently changed. Every day is a struggle, but it’s slowly getting better.

To make matters worse, my house was robbed while I was recovering in hospital. Among what was taken, and all I truly cared about, was my camera. Replacing it became a priority for me, and being able to enjoy photography again has been a saving grace. It is one of the few activities that is not glaringly inhibited by my physical limitations, and I am so grateful for that, and am so happy to share what I can with you.

Most of these photos are taken around Newcastle, NSW, or my occasional adventures beyond. Any purchase will help me with day-to-day expenses, and will be greatly appreciated. Purchase can be simply digital, printed onto premium poster paper, or onto artist canvas and wrapped around a quality timber frame, ready to hang. Otherwise, these photos are simply here for your viewing pleasure, and I hope you enjoy.

If you would like to support me, but aren’t interested in buying a print, feel free to donate to my GoFundMe here!